Over the years I have witnessed the gradual destruction of our society. You can not legislate a society into existance. Laws which attempt force social behaviour create an illusion of society while actually destroying the underlying society.

I copy something I posted elsewhere as a single example of what I mean:-

Dog mess legislation doesn't improve society it helps destroy it.

In a real society when I see someone clearing up dog mess I know they are doing it for my and everyone else's benefit. I know I owe them something for the consideration they gave to me. That is how society works – mutual consideration and benefit.

In NuLab's improved society when I see someone clearing up dog mess I know there is a good chance they are only doing it because there might be some jobsworth agent of the state hiding in the bushes waiting to give them a 50 quid fine. I don't know if I owe them anything.

Apparent social behavior caused by threat of punishment isn't social behavior at all and when you have destroyed society you can't complain about anti-social behavior because there isn't any society to be anti.

The choice to behave socially or anti-socially is a fundamental requirement for the existence of society.

Why is this idea important?

Humans are a social species. I wan't to live in a society not a nation of individuals depedant on the state for regulation of all behaviour.

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