Instead of benefits, government pensions, tax credits etc make a subsistence payment to everyone from cradle to grave. We could work as much (or as little) as we needed for anything else. A fund would need to be set up for the few with many extra needs.

Why is this idea important?

This would save a huge amount of beaurocracy and improve peoples attitudes to work. The security of knowing a basic payment was there, without having to fill in forms, would help the unemployed to put all their energy into job hunting instead of further damaging their self esteem. The savings in administration should leave more than enough to fund this scheme.

One Reply to “Repeal all Social Welfare Benefits and pay a subsistence wage.”

  1. Great Idea although not a knew one!

    I’ve been advocating a universal basic income for over 20 years. It’s the only welfare system that makes sense but is has been very difficult to get people to understand never mind support. As soon as I suggest that all means testing should end the head scratching begins.
    Cutting administration would only go part of the way to paying for such a system, the rest would come from a fit for purpose tax system. The only means test needed is through income tax – the more you earn the more you pay, so those with the most lucrative employment would pay back more than they receive in basic income.

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