The various Acts of Union are discriminatory under British and European Law. They either  do not include Wales at all or treat Wales as a province or part of England. Wales as an entity is older than England and its native language (Cymraeg) is the oldest extant language in Europe. Wales is to have a referendum on further devolution of power next year but it remains excluded from the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A new Act of Union which includes Wales needs to be drawn up and a new Union flag devised which contains some symbokl of Wales, the present one excluides all symbols of Wales asuc as St David's Cross, The Red Dragon or the Royal Arms of the House of Gwynedd (Owain Glyndwr's Flag). The citizens of Wales should be asked if they want to be a part of the Union and iof they say yes, steps must be taken to rectify this hundre3ds of years old wrong.

Why is this idea important?

It is important to allow the Cymru to feel a true part of the Union.

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