My idea is to allow smoking only in specially 'licensed for smoking'  premises. The smoking ban should then be able to COMPLETELY BAN smoking in or outside any other premises, including unlicensed pubs, and restaurants as well as shopping streets, schools, hospitals, offices.  Any open space used by the general public should also be included in the ban.  Before the ban it was much easier to avoid breathing in second hand smoke from smokers, now you only have to walk down any street to see smokers huddled around ashtrays supplied for them outside a non smoking building.  If smoking was only allowed in certain areas instead of only banned from certain areas the law would be fairer the outside spaces in our towns would be healthier, non smokers would have a choice not to inhale smoke, something they do not have now.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is very important because since the smoking ban it has become impossible to visit any public area, including the entrances to pubs and restaurants, outside shops, offices, schools hospital grounds without encountering secondhand smoke.  There is more smoking outside, particularly in areas that families use, than there used to be before the ban.  Since the ban non smokers have no choice, there is more smoke outside.  For example in pub and restaurant gardens,and outside cafes, where families  often choose to eat, smokers congregate. If smoking was truly segregated to licensed venues only at last we and our children would have the freedom to avoid smoke.  The freedom to walk outside without having to inhale second hand smoke, without the need to rush past people who are smoking, to try and avoid their smoke. 

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