Nudity is not in itself a crime, however the police use and enforce a number of other laws to prevent people from being nude. This can be anything, i.e. 'causing a breach of the peace' or 'intentionally causing sexual offence or distress' amongst others. Why should I risk prosecution for collecting my mail or my milk from my doorstep if I am nude at the time.Why should I risk prosecution because my neighbour sees me nude in my garden whilst he is up his apple tree whilst collecting apples or even just looking out of their windows. People should not face any prosecution  for nudity, anywhere. It should not automatically be assumed that a naked person is out to cause any alarm, distress or that they are about to commit a sexual crime. People should be free to dress or not as they please.

Why is this idea important?

Freedom to be nude anywhere at any time without fear of prosecution, condemnation or disadvantage should be a legal right  in a modern society. 

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