The 24hr. licensing laws should be reversed to reinstate the pub closing time at 10.30/11.00pm. This should include weekends as well as weekdays.

The legal age for the consumption of alcohol should be enforced more rigourously. Stop threatening to withdraw licenses which everybody knows won't actually happen. Do it. Penalise the pubs, shops and off-licenses which sell alcohol to minors by removing their right to sell alcoholic drinks.

Get rid of so-called Alco-Pops.

Why is this idea important?

If the 24hr. licensing laws were reversed, so-called binge drinking would cease to be so readily available, our towns, city centres and villages would have some peace at night which in turn would free up the police, paramedics and A&E departments to deal with more serious situations. It would also help to reduce the number of alcohol-related illnesses.

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