Contained in the Statute Book is the Papal Jurisdiction Act 1560. ( )

The Act explains that should any Scotsman become Bishop of Rome then he would be automatically banished from Scotland and any public office or titles he held would be removed from him. 

I have contacted the Statute Office, and my former local MP (Willie Rennie) in relation to this act and both have concluded it is still enforce, and nothing can be done about it. This act must be repealed in respect of the rights of Britain's Catholic citizens.

Why is this idea important?

This act is discriminatory and inhibits the fundamental right of Catholics to take part fully in their chosen community- it is time to have it repealed. Can it really be that Her Majesty's Government does not wish one of it's citizens to become Pope even when the Bishop of Rome has been invited to visit the country this year by the Queen?

The Vatican is a powerful world player and the Catholic Church is possible one of the worlds biggest and most important charities, for a British person to become head of that Institution would be a cause of celebration, not condemnation.

It is self-evidently important that Britain shakes off it's discriminatory past. It is also important to repeal the Act as a gesture of good will and sincerity towards Catholics and other faith-groups, it demonstrates that their freedoms to follow and participate in their religion is protected and recognised by the State.

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