Police tactics during protests are clearly and unquestionably violent towards peacful, law abiding human beings.

'Kettling' protestors is a nice way of saying imprison and unlawful.

Shouting "MOVE, MOVE MOVE" and then beating anyone who does not move is unlawful and imoral.

Murdering people is imoral, yet the police are given free reign to do so, becuase (for example) the elite bankers and G20 leaders are deemed more important than the millions of human beings they control with their fiat money system.

We are all chilren of nature, not children of the state.

Why is this idea important?

Police tactics are used to creat fear in those people who might wish to have their voice heard about issues that are deeply important to them.  Police tactics are used to stiffle free speech by beating those who speak out again unfair behaviour.

If the Police are allowed to continue to scare people away from peaceful asembly, and physically stop them from assembling in area's where their voice should be heard… then pretty soon we have full scall fascism or dictatorship.

Police should first and foremost be PEACE KEEPERS. not storm troopers hired to protect the capitalist, globalist agenda.

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