I do not understand in this digital and competitive age why is there a need to have publicly funded broadcasting house.  BBC Licence fees is a stealth tax and absolute disastrous value for money.  This has been time and again proven by scandals like paying multi million pound contracts to celebrities, staff salaries, bonuses and expenses.  Bearing few good programmes the quality of BBC programs has overall deteriorated over years.  I am sure like me there will be many people who will like to forego having BBC channels on their television if they are subscription based and will mean paying no licence fees.   Like with any other tax argument, this licence fee certainly affects more on poorer section of the society.  Perhaps, if BBC channels become subscription based, then BBC staff and management will have to do some real work to attract subscribers and earn money the real way like any other company and not be dependent upon public for its survival.  Plus think about the savings that can be done by not having to police the licence fee evaders and the time spent on court cases. 

Why is this idea important?

Having BBC Licence fee does not serve any public good.  It will also free up public service resources like police and courts that have to deal with licence fee evaders.

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