Statutory Instrument 1982    No. 648

The Forestry Commission Byelaws  

5   xiii   ……. ride or lead any horse

This byelaw requires horse riders to pay to use land managed by the Forestry Commission.  All other members of the public have free access to all such land.  Not only is their access free but thousands of pounds is spend on providing facilities such as picnic areas with tables and benches, toilets, even dog toilets are free, cycle tracks cut and maintained all year, play areas with elaborate equipment, overhead tree rides, etc. all provided free of charge.  Nothing is provided for horse riders, even the soft tracks that were available years ago have now been hard surfaced.  Police time is wasted by sitting outside forest gates waiting to catch riders without a permit!!  This is discrimination against horse riders and surely this is illegal.

I believe this byelaw should be repealled and horses riders should be given the same rights as all other members of the public. 

Why is this idea important?

Because a large section of the general public are being prevented from exercising their human rights to use the land owned by the Crown and maintained on their behalf by the Forestry Commission.

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