We have 3 children. The requirement that they all have to be in a properly fitted car seat until aged 12 meant we needed to buy a new car as we could not fit 3 car seats in the back. Of course, very young children need a car seat, but increasing the limit to 12 was total overkill. I have also had to buy a spare seat as I regularly take my son's friend to football practice. This law is expenive and totally unnecessary. It is perfectly possible to buy cheap attachments for seatbelts for children so that the belt goes across their chest not their neck. 

Why is this idea important?

This law puts financial pressure on families, many of whom will have had to buy new cars to fit the seats into. This is horrendous from an environmental point as well. The law restricts the ability to transport other children so resticts friendly,casual arrangements between parents. It is unnecessary, as more convenient and cheaper methods exist to keep children safe in cars.

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