Chancellery insurance is a rip off waiting to sting home-buyers. While the amounts involved are relatively small compared to other costs of buying a house, it is just another way that the legal and insurance industries find to obstruct the housing market, and to take advantage of people by forcing them to take out policies that they do not want, and probably haven't budgeted for. Many will be forced into spending an extra hundred or two for this insurance. 

The purpose of the insurance? The fixing of the local church roof. Surely this constitutes a tax. If this is the case, label it as such, and don't start hiding the avarice of insurance brokers under the fear and uncertainty of archaic laws.

Why is this idea important?

The laws behind chancellery liability, and the consequent insurance are an unnecessary burden on the housing market, and only serve to line the pockets of conveyancers at the expense of normal people who are just trying to find somewhere to live. It is an additional hidden charge that creeps up on homebuyers, and lacks fairness and transparency. 

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