Repeal chapter 2 of the Local Democracy Act 2009 which sets out how local councils will handle petitions. 

Why is this idea important?

The last Labour government seemed to think that it was necessary for several thousand words of law to be set out detailing how local councils should and should not accept a petition from local citizens. The chapter goes into great detail into how to handle petitions ranging from small ones from local school children through to large ones involving whole communities. That this is something local councils are more than able of doing on their own seemed to pass over the government's head. It smacked of the typical incompetence of Hazel Blears. That she considered this top-down approach to be worthy of a 'Local Democracy' Act says it all. It's worth noting that no such legal requirements exist for the way central government departments handle petitions, including Hazel Blears own DCLG. Another example of patronising, top-down meddling by central government.

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