TPS legislation was originally introduced to reduce unwanted calls to consumers. Telephone numbers listed cannot be called for sales or marketing purposes. This is a useful law, especially for the vulnerable and elderly. 

However, extending this law to allow businesses to register their numbers has caused a huge drag and another level of bureaucracy for small business. Many companies choose to ignore (or are ignorant) of the legislation, placing those that follow it at a competitive disadvantage.

  • The legislation (and cost) disproportionately affect small business as they do not have the expertise or technical skills to make compliance simple. Regularly checking all the numbers you may wish to call against the Corporate TPS register requires time, money and technical competence.
  • Telemarketing is the cheapest way for small businesses to market locally. These businesses cannot afford the large media advertising campaigns that their large competitors can.
  • The Corporate TPS legislation does not apply to companies calling in to the UK from overseas, making a UK business less able to compete.
  • The legislation has not been effective, with NO successful prosecutions for Corporate TPS breaches I am aware of.

Why is this idea important?

This law is not effective, and increases costs and reduces sales for all businesses, with a disproportionate effect on small businesses. Repeal will simplify B2B marketing and reduce costs.

One Reply to “Repeal corporate TPS legislation”

  1. I totally agree. It is ridiculous to have companies advertising everywhere, on billboards, TV, public transport, radio. Everywher you look there are advertisements, yet if you call any of these companies up to try to sell THEM something they get annoyed.
    Its a ridiculous double standard.

    Small businesses have to pay to have calls checked and not to mention the administration and technical knowledge required to facilitate this efficiently.

    All businesses have to promote themselves to sell goods and services, they should not be exempt from anyone trying to sell things to them in return!

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