Scrap this intrusive and draconian law which robs us of our privacy in our own home, makes criminals out of innocent people and generates ridiculous amounts of paperwork for local councils.

It is wrong that if you do not fill in the form within 14 days you are comitting a criminal offence.

It is wrong that you can be charged and or fined for the expenses in officials  coming to yoru home to interrogate you and your family.

The powers of the act have been increased beyone what is reasonable in subsequent acts in 1993,1998, and 2003.

Why is this idea important?

This law gives council the right to ask for very personal details of yourself and your household which are way beyond what could be considered reasonable. If you get an anquiry form and do not supply all the details within 14 days then "failiure to do so is a criminal offence and may result in a fine".

Threatening letters, unscheduled inspections, the right to enter your home and inspect and interrogate, and a total lack of any privacy whatsoever. This is effectively making our society into a police state.

They ask for not only the full names, dates of birth of the people, but also

details of the precise relationship to each other,
national insurance numbers

car registration numbers
which rooms they sleep in and where it is located in the house
details of savings, any benefits you are on, mortgage payments  how much you spend on food, housekeeping,travel expenses, insurance, rent,, heating, even TV/Sky subscriptions etc
your employment history, payroll number, employers telephone number, address etc.


The information gathered is sufficient for a identity theft to take place and it is insecure to have all this together held by faceless officials at the council. As we regularly hear, there are corrupt officials at all levels, and data is often "lost" by civil servants, therefore there is a risk of the informatin falling into unkown hands. I wish to restore my right to keep certain aspects of my life private, and not be made a criminal  for that.

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