Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations seems like a great idea. Snatch all those nasty rogue traders we see on Watchdog. However, in the field of complementary medicine this has been a nightmare.

A complementary health practitioner, under these regulations, operates as guilty until proven innocent, i.e. they recommend a course of action/treatment/therapy or dispense advice or opinion. The client acts accordingly, yet the results are not as expected. The client can bring a prosecution and the practitioner must prove their innocence – not the other way round.

Why is this idea important?

Regardless of your opinion of complementary medicine, a situation were accusation = guilt is surely crazy? And in a land where the costs of healthcare are soaring, would it not be sensible to explore and encourage every possible avenue for a way to improve peoples health?

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  1. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations protect consumers from a WIDE range of rogue practices…

    Everything from dodgy builders to loan-shark debt collectors.

    Yet you would like ALL of that thrown out the window for what exactly? ONE small sector of the market…

    As an idea it’s as mad a box of bats as far as I can see

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