Put the names of convicted criminals on a register NOT the names of innocent citizens who just want to get involved with their community.


STOP the CRB paranoia.  It's not foolproof.  It's not necessary.  It's not just.


Why is this idea important?

I'm a children's author.  I visit schools all over the country.  I love meeting children and talking about stories.

 I'm not responsible for the children I meet, nor am I left alone with them.  If I have to pay for CRB checks for every single school authority that books me to visit I'd need to be as rich as JK Rowling to afford it (if only!)

We are criminalising and sexualising all contact with children, which is just so wrong.  Not all adults are predators. 

Worse, many children who are abused suffer at the hands of family and friends – should all parents and relatives be CRB checked too?  Of course not.  Abusers may 'pass' a CRB check anyway, if they have no record.  So the CRB scheme fails on all counts.

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