We should repal the laws that prohibit sale and purchase of drugs by adults.

It is wrong to prohibit transactions between consenting adults. If I choose to risk my health by consuming drugs/ cigarettes/ alcohol/ chocolate, who is anyone else to stop me?

The link between drugs and crime is overstated. It does not apply at all to some drugs, and correlation does not prove causality

The existing prohibitions are no better or worse at dealing with the very real social and personal problems of drugs than the ways in which we deal with the social and personal poblems of alcohol. But the criminalisation of drugs does cause organised crime.

We should not go for half way houses like decriminalising possession but not supply  – self-contradictory legislation will not work.

But we do need to address the problem of why some peoples' lives are so miserable that drugs are better. That is a problem that we brush under the carpet by using the simple – but ineffective – "solution" of criminalisation

Why is this idea important?

Criminalisation of drugs causes organised crime. That means that the victims are no longer self-chosen as they are from drug use. All of us suffer from corruption, violence and gangsterism. And the scale of tha suffering can be immense: in Mexico, the FT estimates that 22,000 have died in drug wars in the last couple of years. Gang violence is the fundamental difference between drugs on the one hand and alcohol on the other. It is criminalisation that causes that greater evil.

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