The UK has long participated in the "Global War On Drugs". In spite of this, all research and anecdotal evidence suggests that the use of currently illegal drugs is increasing.

Arguements are made pertaining to the health and societal aspects of drug use being detrimental to the country. This is almost always overstated and often detracts from rational discussion on the subject.

What is proposed?

  • The prohibition of all drugs currently illegal to posses or use should end.
  • Those who wish to purchase previously illegal drugs should be able to obtain them from licenced and reputable vendors such as chemists.
  • Registration could be implemented in order to allow analysis of purchasing patterns to identify those who are potentially at risk from any proven health concerns.
  • VAT to be applied to these sales earning the government much needed revenue.
  • Quality control to be ensured by those licenced to manufacture and supply.

Why is this idea important?

People choose to use illegal drugs despite the risk of being criminalised. This will never change.

Extensive research has been conducted into the health risks of known illegal drugs, generally suggesting they are substantially safer than existing legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco – both for the individual and society.

Claims are frequently made that drugs users are "criminals who steal to fund their habits". The majority of recreational drugs users in this country are working people who seek to unwind from their busy and productive lives.

Those who do commit crime to fund their habits are being let down by the state, legalised drugs can inherently be cheaper even with VAT applied as there are not the high costs of producing and supplying them on the black markets.

Victims of these crimes are being let down by the government as these crimes would be far less likely to occur with the stigma, risk of prosecution and appropriate support networks in place.

This law does not work and is pushing people to "legal highs" of which little is known.

Dear leaders, this is not an appropriate game of cat and mouse with the population. This is a nasty, cynical, puritanical law aimed at punnishing those who seek a different release from you.

Ultimately, there are far more overt disadvantages of keeping these substanaces illegal than giving people back their freedom and right to do as they wish with their bodies.

Personally, I have my doubts about this scheme, I consider it a vehicle only to be seen to be listening whilst you will only enact the laws you already want to.

Do something pragmatic during this term. Change this society for the better.


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