The 1972 Communities Act should be repealed.

The Human Rights Act should be repealed and our Bill of Rights 1688 REINSTATED.

Why is this idea important?

Because it would give us back our democracy, something which has been given away by people who do not OWN our democracy but who are CUSTODIANS of our democracy and we were NEVER ASKED if we wanted to lose our democracy.

We would be able to make laws which are in the British public's BEST interests AND take back control of our : BORDERS,  FISHING WATERS, FARMERS (food), PRICE OF FOOD, TAXES, ENERGY BILLS, POST OFFICES, ARMED FORCES, TRAVEL COSTS, POLICE and JUDICIAL SYSTEM.  We would be able to have juries and judges and magistrates and county courts, and Justices of the Peace, AND kick out ALL the foreign criminals in our jails on 5* holidays.

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