The European communities Act 1972 enabled the UK to accede to the European Union (or Community as it was then called), but it also enabled Government ministers under section 2 (2) to lay before Parliament required changes to UK law, eg EU Directives. Since EU legislation now accounts for approx 75% of our laws, and since the cost to British businesses of implementing this legislation is now estimated at £100billion per annum, it would seem an excellent idea to repeal this Act, and so save British business this heavy burden. Of course this would also mean Britain leaving the political union with Europe, but that would not stop us still being trading partners with individual EU countries.

Why is this idea important?

I believe this idea is fundamentally important to the UK for several good reasons:


1  The British way of life, its laws, traditions and culture are distinct and different from those of the European nations. In philosophical terms we believe the state exists to serve the individual, whereas the general view in Europe is that the state knows best. This is particularly true in German (Hegelian) philosophy.


2  Our way of life depends upon the freedom of the individual, and upon the upholding of those freedoms by law. The EU demands ever-increasing centralisation and with it an ever increasing degree of administrated reality for its citizens – their freedom to act independently is increasingly curtailed, and this applies to business as much as to civilian life. Even now we see the attempts of the EU to regulate the City of London despite the fact that Sterling is a currency of hundreds of years standing in the world, and the Euro is a newcomer, and a seemingly doomed one at that.


3  The cost to British business of implementing EU regulation is estimated at £100billion per annum – and this at a time when we have the largest deficit of any European country. Don't forget the metric martyrs. Don't forget that our shopkeepers were forced to convert to metric weights and measures at their own expense, and on pain of a criminal record for refusing, only for us to be told years later that, actually, it is ok to keep our imperial measurements.


4  If the British economy fails, if Sterling fails, it will not be just bad for Britain, it will be catastrophic for the world. London is still the financial capital of the world, we still have massive trade with the USA, Commonwealth countries and increasingly developing countries. Emerging markets in China, India and Brazil are also highlighted at the present time. We cannot afford the cost of EU regulation, nor should we be restricted by EU trade controls. Nor can we afford to be dragged into EU attempts to shore up the Eurozone – which increasingly will be likely the longer we remain a part of the EU – and we can be sure the EU will increasingly attempt to regulate the nations' finances.

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