repealing European Union Membership would SAVE the British Economy overall 118billion. That is membership costs 118 BILLION pounds sterling a year. Most of that cost comes through European red tape and directives, directly costing each and every business thousand of pounds, or in government jargon, costing jobs and slowing growth and this could cause a double dip recession. The free trade agreements are good but doesn't Switzerland and Norway get all the benefits and minimum costs? So to send the recovery into overdrive axe the EU. It will reduce business costs, could increase employment and save the government billions.


Some facts on the EU

Every book loan under EU libarys cost 570 pounds

According to the German magazine Der Speigel, fraud committed in Brussels amounts to 1 million euros per day.

Every year 3.3Billion British Pounds of fish are caught in British territorial waters by non-British fisherman, ie. Spain fishes in our waters we don't fish in theirs.


Also the claim that "3million jobs" depends on EU membership" but the scientist who led the research publicly disowned this claim. His report said that few, if any, jobs would be lost if we left, because trade with Europe would continue. So vote down the Euopean Union, Nick Clegg has to listen to normal sane people eventually.

Why is this idea important?

most polls say that the majority of British citizens wish for the movement to outside the influence of the European Union. We should have a referendum on it and actually let the people decide how the country is run, not just politicians doing shady back room deals to keep themselves in power and ignoring there election pledges.

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