The Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act needs repealing and replacing with something that is understandable by the reasonable person on the street.  Currently it is unnecessarily cumbersome and full of exemptions that it makes it impossible to understand to the average person on the street.  Large organisations can hide behind exceptions without any kind of sanction or independent review.  The ICO is a toothless organisation that has no real sanctions and provides very limited and often standardised advice that does not address the issues raised by complainants.  The public when they need assistance need the organisation they seek assistance from to be able to address their issues, express the advice in an understandable way that addresses these issues and not merely quotes standardised paragraphs of legislantion leaving them to work out what issue this is addressing or referring to.  The public also want these organisations to have the ability to issue proper and effective sanctions.  They should also provide timely advice and answer the public when they correspond with them to save time in receiving and dealing with complaints later on in the process which is a complete waste of tax payers money and also will save them time and money in the long run not having to deal with complaints from unsatisfied members of the public who then become disillusioned with government organisations because of the poor standard of service they get and ironic thing is the public are paying for this.  These Acts need to be replaced by something that the public can use without having to resort to an organisation for assistance and which are not riddled with overcomplicated exemptions that render the access to information  effectively inaccessible defeating the object of freedom in information which at present the ICO is in effect upholding the restriction of information.         

Why is this idea important?

Save public money  and time and to readress the imbalance of access to information and make it easier and more straight forward for the individual to exert their rights.

Give the public the ability to take some personal responsibility for exercising their rights 

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