Repeal the hand-gun laws


It is my civil rite to protect my property, protect my family, and myself.

 If this means some one gets killed every now and then that is too bad!

 I am frail and no mach for a thug let alone some teenager.


The facts:

There was a lower hand gun crime when it was legal.

States in the USA that have lax gun laws have the lowest gun, and general crime.

I have been in the uk ten years I have been assaulted twice and had my house robed once!! There is no time for police action in that time and as for CCTV it’s at total waste of money.


Back my bid to re-allow law abiding people the power to protect themselves.

Why is this idea important?



 It is my civil rite as a law abiding person to be able to protest my self, my family and my property as well as the property of others.

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  1. You are absolutely right. It should be your civil right as a “citizen” to be able to protect yourself but the only people with rights these days are criminals.

    You’ve got my vote.

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