The human rights act should be repealed because in the uk there is sufficient legislation already in place to protect individuals rights. The human rights act is far too cumbrsome and onerous and has prooved to be brought into use too often in order to complicate our system of british justice based upon fairness and common sense.

The foundations for an individuals human rights were in existence long before the human rights act. These foundations were based upon the tenet that although everyone has rights, they also have responsibilities. To my mind the human rights act allows unbounded interpretation, that in many cases has reulted in unsustainable knock-on effects that can give free reign to situations that allow some individuals to gain unwarranted or unfair advantage, which in some instances has caused disadvantage and a negative impact on other peoples rights.

In addition, it can be at odds with conditions of service/employment that have stood the test of time and to which individuals have not contested.

Why is this idea important?

To bring back some sanity and balance to our judicial system. There may be other countries that are not blessed with our british system of justice, they possibly need the human rights act, we do not.

I declare it to be an unnecessary intrusion and burden into our way of life that has shown endless examples of outcomes that mock traditional and time honoured means of fair resolution and judgement.

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