Clause 37 of the Race Relations Act allows companies to discriminate in their training and job advertising practices – worded as follows;

affording only persons of a particular racial group access to facilities for training which would help to fit them for that work; or
encouraging only persons of a particular racial group to take advantage of opportunities for doing that work,

Across Britain people are sick and tired of this double standard. The above clauses should be repealed. Instances of actual discimination in training recruitment and job advertising should be proven first as with any other kind of crime, rather than law-abiding white or male groups being automatically discriminated against. The entire act could do with a review to identify similar impraciticalities.

Why is this idea important?

Clause 37 of the Race Relations Act is being widely used to justify discrimination of white people and males from funding, training and job opportunities on the assumption that the lack of 'minority' groups in a work place is evidence of inherent prejudice and discrimination from the employer. There are many factors that affect ethnic and cultural proportions in specific job environments, such as different ethnic cultures having their own preferences for different kinds of work place activities and different skills and hobbies. The idea that in a discrimination free society every city, street, school and workplace will naturally have an absolutely equal number of people from every cultural, racial, ethnic, age, disability and gender group at all their hierarchy levels is completely unrealistic – such proportions can only be achieved by enforcement / social engineering. The pursuit of this utopian ideal through positive discrimination (called 'positive action' by the government) is self-defeating because it is making the penalised majority groups more likely to group together to defend their own rights and interests.

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