There is no such thing as "positive discrimination" – it is still discrimination.

With the imposition of artificial quotas, minority advancement schemes, all-women shortlists and other politically correct attempts to combat various alleged cases of under-representation or existing alleged discrimination, we have ended up with a culture where advancement, promotion, allocation of resources, etc. has replaced merit and the ability to do do something.

When Police forces are "adjusting" entry standards to counter supposed under representation of ethnic minorities, we are doomed to have a police force which looks politically correct and evenly balanced, but is unfit for purpose because otherwise unsuitable candidates have been effectively given preference over those better able for the job.

Any attempt to correct alleged imbalances is simply perpetuating discrimination, rather than combatting it.

If there aren't enough of a particular type of person in a job, then it is obvious that they are either not interested in doing the job, or do not meet the required standard, why should schemes exist to force the issue? Why should someone get a disproportionate allocation of resources, simply in the name of having "enough of "x" in a job? It is simply unfair.

As an example, when I was a civil servant, there was a scheme to advance ethnic minorities into senior grades, as they were allegedly under represented. This involved putting candidates through a degree, at no expense to the candidate, and paying them the same rate as the grade they would eventually be promoted to. A massive support network was also provided to ensure that no candidate failed their degree. How is this fair? what about those who were putting themselves trough degrees at their own expense, those who already had degrees and appropriate experience? It was a complete mockery, which contributed to my decision to leave.

This is not "sour grapes", I fall into two minority classes (racial and disability), but I wouldn't dream of accepting one of these schemes, as I would be preventing properly qualified people from having a fair chance.

These schemes are just wrong. They are discriminatory and promote ill-feeling. It is time they were consigned to the scrap heap and made illegal.

Why is this idea important?

Schemes to advance on the basis of belonging to some pre-defined group, rather than on merit are discriminatory.

Ability and merit should be the deciding factor, not race, culture, sex, disability, or whatever other category has been invented, this week.

"Positive" discrimination is just discrimination and just as unfair as the alleged discrimination it aims to "correct". It is another example of political correctness ruining the country.

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