Repeal laws relating to European Weights and Measures.

We now have a hybrid system of measurements, we buy petrol in litres but measure distance in miles, economy figures are posted in miles per gallon requiring a calculator and conversion tables to check. Beef is sold by the kilo but most children recognise and ask for a "quarter ponder". Although the distance to the next town is in miles the distance to the next junction is in metres.

European law allows you to ask for a 6 foot fencing panel but not an 8 foot fencing post. You can buy a pint of beer or milk but buy a 75cl bottle of wine or a pub spirit measure of 25cc.

A rugby union field now has 5, 10 and 22 metre lines but the football field still has a 6 and 18 yard box. (Even the French have an 8 foot by 8 yard goal).

We weigh ourselves in stones or kilos measure our height in feet or metres and our temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Why does this idea matter?

If we do not decide how to tackle this mess now it will be with us for generations.

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  1. Walt Peterson says:

    When the French first proposed the metric system, it didn’t get accepted right away. So, Napoleon came up with a system of “mesures usuelles” whereby the traditional units were redefined in simple metric units. The toise became 2 meters, the livre became 1/2 a kilogram, and so on. This helped gain acceptance for the metric system, and made the traditional units comprehensible in metric units. French people still use these traditional units defined in simple metric terms.

    The English system can do likewise: one foot could become 30 mm, one mile could be 1600 meters, one pound could be 500 grams, and one pint could be 500 milliliters, and so on.

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