Most residential tenancies and many mortgage agreements specificlally state that the person is not allowed to operate a business from their home.

Running a business from home might be as simple as buying and selling things on ebay, designing websites or doing some kind of handicraft to sell. These types of things cause no problem for anyone else and so all restrictions in local authority or landlord and tenant law should be lifted.

Why is this idea important?

There are many people who are disabled and unable to leave the house most of the time, who could work were it not for this restriction.

Many people who want to try out a business idea but without taking the big risk and investing in dedicated premises.

Remember The Body Shop started fro Anita Roddick's kitchen table?

Many mothers who are at home, or carers whether full or part time, who could support themselves more rather then being dependent on benefits.

In this age of purpose built mixed live/work units it is time to lift the restrictions and encourage enterprise. It encourages healthy sustainable communities.

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