NOMS should be abolished on the basis that it adds no value to the criminal justice system.  It duplicates what is already done and creates an extra tier of management which is a waste of public money.  It creates an extra tier above Prison Area Managers and Probation Boards that worked perfectly fine before.  There is intense confusion between the Prison Service and NOMS and other criminal justice agencies as to their function and effectiveness.

Essentially criminal justice should be left to practitioners for them to get on with.  These DOM's (Directors of Offender Management) are paid excessive amounts of money to do what was previously was being done locally with more efficacy.


Why is this idea important?

Save money and returns power locally where it can be utilised more proactively by the practitioner who has the finger on the pulse.  Removes confusion from workforce.  Efficiency saving.  Reduces workforce to front line delivery only.

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