The prime minister, it has been reported,now intends to give greater power to the councils, local government over us, the public. They already have too much already and have often tyrannically misused their power when it suits their interests against our, the public's interests. Also I thought that it was David Cameron's idea to give power back to the people from local if not central government, so why the about turn on a good idea and the promise of a start of true democracy and equality in the law. It is simply not fair to allow the perpetuation of tyranny in any and all of its forms. If a branch of government acts evilly or always from pure self interest and greed it must be iniquitous to allow its continued existence and also, I add, its tyranny!!

Why is this idea important?

Its about new government, power to the people. Respect for the public and freedom from past tyranny. Abuse of professional power should disqualify the perpetuators, the council, of such power. In the name of democracy these powers should be de-fused not increased!

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