Attempts to define and enforce a 'ban' on certain species of dogs that have been deemed to be 'dangerous' has been entirely counter-productive and has done nothing to eliminate from the streets  dogs being used as 'weapons of choice'.

The Act needs repealing and further thoughts given to control, leaving the police to be able to impound dogs under the payment of a 'release fee' (similar to clamped cars)

There should be no restrictions on freedom to own any dog of your choice, but all dogs should be 'chipped' and licenced for an annual fee. The police shoudl be able to challenge anyone with a  dog (on lead or not) for the identification of the dog, whether behaving badly or not.

I belive however that all dogs should 'be allowed one bite' before more serious snactions are imposed, to give those in control of dogs a chance to improve control.

Why is this idea important?

Elimination of confusions over breeds of dogs that are deemed arbitrarily to be 'dangerous'.


Saving £40+m a year.

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