This is the Act by which the United Kingdon joined the 'Common Market.'  We were told at the time that we would be giving up 'not one jot of sovereignty.'

At each new treaty we are told that we have to sacrifice a little more sovereignty to benefit from membership.

Why is this idea important?

At a time of severe cuts in public expenditure we are this year to pay the EU approximately £7 billion more than we receive back. The government admits that this net contribution is to rise steeply in the next few years. In return for this we are deluged with new laws and regulations, our fishing industry has been all but wiped out and our food bills artificially inflated to benefit French farmers.

Repeal of the Act would restore our national sovereignty, enable us to slash the government deficit and benefit us all  economically. It would even reduce the torrent of red tape the government is keen to tackle.

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One Reply to “Repeal of European Communities Act 1972”

  1. Great idea, sadly not going to happen. Cameron has already said we aren’t getting a referendum because *he* thinks we belong in the EU and can influence it.

    Notice that he considers his opinion to matter more than ours.

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