My idea is to protect fishery owners and angling clubs from prosecution under the Human Rights Act for banning individuals or groups from private fisheries and rivers if said groups or individauls break fishery or club rules or are suspected, on good grounds, of having the intention of doing so. 

Why is this idea important?

There is a clash of cultures being played out on our lakes and rivers. It has long been the custom in this country for anglers to release coarse fish after capture. This helps to maintain healthy fish stocks, ensures that fish can attain maturity and promotes a healthy aquatic eco-system generally.  The recent influx of Eastern Europeans, however, have brought with them an angling culture which is totally at odds with this ethos. They kill and eat anything they catch as well as using illegal fishing methods. Fish stocks have already been seriously depleted by these actions and in many places mature fish which have taken decades to grow are now entirely absent. The inference is clear enough. And yet, fishery owners who have initiated bans on these grounds are prosecuted for racial discrimination. We shouldn't forget, also, that in the case of private lakes, the fish stocks are valuable property, in the same way as cattle are a farmer's property. So we can add theft to the charge sheet. This issue needs looking at. An education campaign would also be a good idea. I look forward to the day when I can fish with anglers of whatever nationality. First, they must learn to abide by our rules. That's only fair and healthy.

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