I would like to see the repeal of the law making it illegal to eat mince pies. Also the repeal of the right to shoot a scotsman with a bow and arrow from the walls of the city of York.  Finally and on a more serious note I would like to see primogeniture revoked along with the disqualification of Catholics from the succession. If other nations want to keep these laws that is fine but for the United Kingdom we should take the principled stand that all heirs are equal in the eyes of the law. Whether they be women, catholic or both.    

Why is this idea important?

For all four ideas they are very important. Why should every resident of England live in fear of the police breaking down their door on Christmas day to see if they are eating mince pies. Also why should Scots men fear coming to the city of York. Finally on a basis of equality women and Catholics should have the same rights as protestants and men. 

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