This law is the bane of all landowners who have public rights of way on their land. It allows an individual who is very likely to be an extremist neighbour with an agenda to take action against a local authority for alleged obstructions to footpaths. It engages the landowner in a lengthy and costly dispute with three parties (the local authority,the neighbour and himself) and ends in some very questionable judgements which are often of no value to anyone and could have been better sorted out if all three parties could have sat around a table to resolve an issue. The local authority ends up paying a fortune for something they have the power to control themselves. This is a law which is a typical labour law which was designed to set people against people and neighbours against neighbours and is of absolutely no benefit to anyone. It is important to remeber that this applies to public rights of way over people's private land.

Why is this idea important?

This idea will save local highway authorities hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and will allow them to make their own judgements and allow them to downsize their staff considerably in order that they don't have to deal with these extremists. It will also allow farmers to concentrate their efforts on making their farms viable as opposed to spending thousands of pounds lining the pockets of lawyers in defending their rights and property from extremists whos agenda is very often questionable..

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