Tail Docking in working breeds was in place long before Dog Shows or Docking for cosmetic reasons came into existence or Veterinary Practices come to that.

Working breeds were docked for purely practical reasons and beneficial to the dogs health. We should look closely at the legislation recently adopted by New Zealand.

Why is this idea important?

Current Legislation is unwieldy and reliant on a dwindling number of Vets to carry it out.

A layman (farmer) can band lambs tails? yet with a puppy it requires a Vet who also has to micro chip a puppy under two days old? Quite barbaric injecting such a small animal with such a large needle? Banding is painless. The Micro chip by comparison, imagine some one forcing a broom handle sized needle into you that is roughly the equivalent. 

Tail docking (banding) in working breeds should be allowed by both Vets and registered Laymen, supported by Micro Chipping at 8 weeks prior to puppies going to their new home.

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