There is no need for the Treaty of Union, signed in 1707 against the wishes of the Scottish people.  Scotland can do better on its own as recent reports have indicated.  For the last four years Scotland’s economy has been in surplus – with more taxes raised than spent in Scotland.  In effect Scotland is subsidising the failing UK economy

Why is this idea important?

An independent Scotland could make policies which benefit the people of Scotland, working towards a fairer society – rather than bailing out bankrupt Britain.

The break-up of the UK would also allow England and the remaining parts of the UK to have a closer look at their own constitutional future.

By submitting this option I am hoping it will open up a debate on why Scotland has to continue to subsidise a failing UK economy.  There are many nations smaller than Scotland and with fewer natural resources who make a success of independence – I can see no reason why Scotland cannot do so.

At a time when the UK Government are slashing Scotland’s budget, yet Scotland provides more in tax than it receives from the UK Treasury we have to question where the money is going? Is it acceptable that we are paying to subsidise a failed UK economy where billions are spent on useless nuclear weapons while essential public services in Scotland are under threat?

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