Repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act. This would return our country to the status of a sovereign & independent state. The government of our country would be by our democratically elected parliament, who cannot give away our sovereignty, rather than by those in a foreign country who have no legitimacy as our law-makers.  The more recent acceptance by our government of the day of the Lisbon Treaty was a dishonest act by dishonest people, entirely in keeping with the ways of the EU. Such repeal, and the consequent repeal of the various treaties, which our governments since 1972 have illegitimately signed, culminating in Lisbon, would ensure that all those many thousand edicts handed down to us from the Brussels politburo which the treaties gave us no choice but to enact into law, would be washed away – and good riddance. If any laws are needed for the benefit of our citizens, then our parliament should make them, as they have done for a thousand years, and without interference from a foreign country.

Why is this idea important?

It is important for a sovereign state to be seen to be sovereign. Parliament as a rubber stamp for any idea dreamed up by so many under-employed, over-paid euro-crats, is no way to run a modern state, and the sooner we are returned to self-governing status the better for all our citizens.

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  1. Repeal without any delay. The dragging out of this action is costing more than mere money. It will enable us to move on, instead of being in limbo and at risk of betrayal.

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