Hunting for repeal of this ill informed, poorly drafted piece of legislation.

Why is this idea important?

An attack on the liberty and livelihood of the countryside was vehmently opposed by those affected prior to the implementation of the Act. A staple of the Conservative pre election promises was to seek repeal of this Act….don't stick 2 fingers up to all those who voted for you for this reason..

One Reply to “Repeal of the Hunting Act 2004”

  1. Bad Idea.

    This is an exceedingly sick ‘jolly’ pastime for those that ‘get their enjoyment’ from it.
    I worked for some time involved in the equine industry’ often alongside these ‘sad’ people. SAD THEY ARE as they derive great pleasure from pursuing a quarry to its death, and sick is their mentality in having no empathy.
    Often these animals are allowed to breed, in fact areas are set aside for just this
    purpose so as they can ‘Tally Ho! their way to the eventual death of the terrified and exhausted animal, or go cub hunting – Great fun!!!!!!!!!

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