Please give consideration to repealing the Hunting Act.  It is a badly drafted piece of legislation and it is based on  misconceptions and prejudice. 

I believe hunting with hounds is the best way to manage the fox population.  The ban on fox hunting has not improved the welfare of any fox – farmers now just use alternative means of controlling the population – shooting, snaring and poisoning.  None of these methods are kinder than hunting. 

Hunting will despatch an old or ill fox more effectively than any alternative method.  Shooting is arguably as effective but only if it is a straight clean kill, which is not always guaranteed. 

Fox hunting provides employment for many country people and a social network of support for farmers and many isolated country folk.

People who hunt have a deep love and respect for the countryside.  The independent Burns report stated that fox hunting was no more cruel than any other method of control and far less cruel than some alternative methods.  I believe two former members of the league against cruel sports resigned after extensive research changed their opinions on hunting.

The ban on hunting has served no-one.  Please can it be repealed. 

Why is this idea important?

The act as it stands criminalises ordinary law abiding people.  It is difficult to interpret.  It is based on a misunderstanding of what hunting is about and the type of people who are involved in it.

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