The repeal of the laws that ban the supply and sale of moist smokeless tobacco such as snus from Sweden or the likes of Skoal and Copenhagen from the USA. The laws affected are Oral Snuff (Safety) Regulations 1989 and The Tobacco for Oral Use (Safety) Regulations 1992 both of which prohibit the sale/supply of oral tobacco.

Why is this idea important?

With the smoking ban and ever increasing pressure for people to stop smoking smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Though we tobacco users are now castigated a lt of us actually enjoy our “vice” much to the anti tobacco nazis chagrin. We are grown adults, let us choose. At least us smokeless users could contribute some tax towards the economy as it is we have to buy it from abroad and no tax is paid, it’s even exempt from excise duty.

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  1. As mentioned previously, snus is between 90-98 % safer than smoking cigarettes. What alternatives do we (those who have quit smoking), have, nicotine patch’s that do not work?

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