A section of the Public Order Act deals exclusively with the causing of 'offence',in other words,if something or someone 'offends' you,you may have recourse to the law to settle virtually any dispute or argument.The repeal,or amendment,of this section of the POA would go a long way to reversing the trend for the infantilisation of public thinking and be part of a return to a more adult approach to the solving of disputes,disagreements.There are existing laws to deal with situations where a person or persons are engaged in 'disorderly conduct' any and all disputes not covered by this pre-existant law,should only become legal disputes if there is/are case(s) of public indecency,violence,racial-hate,sexual discrimination or a breach of the peace.

Why is this idea important?

Strained relationships between different sections of the national demographic are made worse,not better,by this stupid and overly politically correct legislation.It is vitally important that we,as a diverse society,can argue our individual disputes and reach consensus through debate,discussion and argument.We will never grow-up as a society if we are too restricted in what we are allowed to say.The continuing infantilisation of argument by the introduction of such inhibitive legislation,means that all public debate is neutered by what is contemporarily considered 'offensive' .This inhibitive tendency grew out of the Californian obsession with being 'politically correct', but we are not Californian, we are British, and as such possess a mature democracy that allows for a huge variety of opinion without needing the law to eternally police debate and discussion.Special interest groups and militant organisations can and do take advantage of this legislation to claim 'offence' at what is ostensibly and arguably,normal behaviour.

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