This Act deprived at a stroke a citizens freedom to choose what he or she wished to listen to. The law was needleesly draconian in an effort to ensure that the Socialist Government of the day retained control of the radio medium through it's BBC subsidiary. Over the ensuing forty-three years the BBC has shown that, especially in the wake of the Brand/Ross debacle, it is not only unable to control it's output but also lacks the management skills needed to discipline it's staff. The output in recent years is way below the standards that were practised by the offshore broadcasters whilst the salaries paid to it's "talent" out of the licence fee are far in excess of what they deliver in terms of education and entertainment.

Why is this idea important?

A repeal of the M.O.A would enable smaller broadcasters to operate in the market with less red tape and to provide programmes that were not the same as the current crop of independent stations. It is an unfortunate fact that the non-BBC stations are quickly becoming a vast private monopoly which I feel sure is not what the orginal legislation envisaged.

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