I would like to see the repeal of the law and or rules, that stop a judicial review having full powers to oversee and reverse any of the various Ombudsman's decisions.

Widely seen as biased and untrustworthy, Most people who have had to deal with any Ombudsman department would like the total power held over them by the Ombudsman and be association, the power of big business to act as they please, to be moderated and overseen by Judicial review or by going through some other suitable route.

The way the present Laws, rules and process moves, there is no protection for the public from even the most obviously ridiculous one sided rulings the ombudsman's bodies make.

So I, and a huge body of the British public urge a reform over the Laws and rules governing the way the Ombudsman and courts interact with the pubic once a complaint about a business, council, or utility service, has been made. 

Why is this idea important?

The total unfairness to the complainants and bias towards big business, councils and utilities.

The total lack of any overseeing power to moderate Ombudsman decisions.

The insanity that a british court cannot effect a change in any Ombudsman decision, no matter how bad or biased it is.

This is an affront to the freedom and fairness the public should expect from our legal and civil process.

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