To restrict the Health and Safety culture that has grown up which allows people to sue companies and individuals for breaches of these sections for minor infringements . It will also prevent  safety officials from banning or restricting activities on the pretext that they are a danger to a persons health and safety eg playing conkers , hanging flower baskets,cheese rolling, checking every tree on the National Trust estates in case one of them may shed a branch and fall on someone, the risk of gravestones only one metre high from falling on chilren etc  etc I could give many more examples all of which cost the country money. The majority  of european countries  do not have this type legislation which puts an undue burden on our businesses and authorities  and attempts to remove risk from every day lives .

This legislation is too restrictive and has given rise to a fear within companies and the  insurance  industry that they will be sued unless they take often quite unnecessary action.

Why is this idea important?

It will save the country money, reduce time spent on court hearings and allow people more freedom to think about their own safety and health and reduce the  nanny state

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