Allow greater freedom to places like cafes,restaurants and bars to provide accommodation for smokers.  This could be inside smoking rooms, or if that is now too radical, comfortable outside accommodation.

At the moment even outside awnings can be deemed to be "temporary structures" and thus covered by the ban. Surely people should be able to smoke outside under some kind of cover in relative comfort, perhaps with a heater, rather than lurking outside the door on a street corner in the rain.  This is England, not the Med!

Why is this idea important?

The papers are always saying that pubs are closing down each week, and I have noticed some cafes and bars have done so too.  I know that my smoker friends and I are unwilling to spend much of our time, and indeed our money, in a place where we cannot smoke in a reasonable space – that means tables, chairs and adequate cover.  Standing on the pavement doesn't cut it for us so our combined outlay in these places has shrivelled.  Surely the Government needs people to spend more to help the economy?  And some villages and small towns must really be missing their local pubs.  It is clear that the long anti-smoking campaign did not, after all, result in far more people flocking to pubs once the atmosphere was to their taste, and often in cafes outside seats are busier than the inside area.  This is madness!

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