Please repeal or ammend the blanket ban on smoking in public places.

Why is this idea important?


  • My contribution and that of other smokers  to the government in tax paid on tobacco is money that the government can ill afford to lose.
  • The revenue generated by public houses and other places where smoking used to be allowed is also taxable. Many of these places in our area have now closed down. That is also money that the government can ill afford to lose.
  • Many of the former owners and employees of these places are now claiming unemployment benefit……that  is money that the government can ill afford to pay.
Same subject but slightly different slant!!
Malcolm wrote:
Surely it should be my civil right to go to public places and not breath in the toxic tobacco smoke to which I am highly allergic
I am allergic to air freshner, but I am not going to start to whinge about it being my right to go somehwere and not be assulted to its toxic fumes…… If I have a health issue with a particular fume, I avoid  areas where the fumes are!
I am also allergic to Sesame Seeds……under Malcolm's view, all Sesame seeds should be banned all over the country just because of me!!
To start to talk about an individuals rights in this manner is making a mockery of Democracy. The RIGHTS of individuals should not be more important than the RIGHTs of the masses.

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