Repeal the part of the Coroners and Justice act 2009 that "criminalises possession of pornographic non-photographic images depicting under-18s, and of adults where the "predominant impression conveyed" is of a person under the age of 18".

Why is this idea important?

Firstly the legislation is a ridiculous attack on freedom. It serves no purpose apart from banning something that is "icky". That is oppression. It needlessly limits and criminalises the sexuality of a group of people. It also limits the freedom of expression of those who wish to draw it.

Secondly it puts children in danger. If people of a certain sexual persuasion cannot legally have an outlet in loli or shotacon, then what motivation is there not to download REAL child pornography? I firmly believe that it would make the downloading of CP more widespread, which would only serve to fuel the disgusting industry, if it were a widely known law.

Luckily I believe this piece of legislation is not widely known or in any way enforceable. It is a ridiculous waste of time and it sits in our law as a statement that certain people deserve to be criminalised purely for their tastes even if they harm no-one.Those that do the right thing and choose not to support child abuse, even through immense temptation.

That is why it is important.

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