This government could start be getting rid of Part "P" of the building regs.
This law, was designed to stop unqualified kitchen fitter and plumbers etc, installing electrical circuits in what is deemed hazardous areas in domestic dwellings, such as kitchens and bathrooms etc.
What it resulted in was that qualified elctricians could no longer do the work they had been doing since they served their time, everyday work to them, unless they went and took an un-necessary add-on course at great expense to themselves. The same electrician can of course still do this work in public buildings or indutrial buildings without this add-on
The other alternative is to do the work, and then inform the council so they can send someone out to examine the work, at about £250 cost to the customer.
Most old electricians, are simply becoming "criminals" by not taking this course, or retiring, thus adding to the skills shortage.
As one correspondent to an elecrical trade magazine said at the time of it becoming law, "it's impossible to police…electricians don't need it, and the cowboys won't bother about it"

Why is this idea important?

self explanitory

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